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My name is Chidi Obineche. Welcome to my GIS Portfolio.

The maps I have created in college and beyond cover a variety of concepts such as Transportation, Planning, Economics, and Health.

You can contact me to hear more about the maps I have created. You can click the pictures on the Portfolio page to see the projects I have done and learn more about them. Feel free to look around the rest of this website, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Note: There are some maps I contributed to that I cannot display on the site to protect their privacy/confidentiality.

  • Utilities and Infrastructure

  • Environment

  • Transportation and Urban Planning

Coral Bay Report

This pdf is the report I did for Coral Bay in a PowerPoint format. It provides further detail on the project

Washington DC Lidar Roadmap Poster

As listed in the Transportation section of my portfolio page, I created a poster that visualizes the final results of my Washington DC Lidar Roadmap project. It was created in PowerPoint.

Chidi's Resume

The resume highlights my accomplishments that I have made so far. (Updated Regularly)

Esri Certification

I have completed a lot of Esri Web courses, and they have helped me obtain Esri certifications. The highest one that I have received is the ArcGIS Pro Associate certification. I plan to get more in the future, including the ArcGIS Pro Professional, GISP, AICP, and PTP certifications. (The highest rank certification will be available for download here; I'll find a way to include multiple ones in the future)

  • Beltsville, Maryland, United States